Do You Have Small, Tiny Pink Insects in Your Toilet?

By | March 12, 2020

Even supposing there are a number of probabilities, the potential for a saved product pest infestation must no longer be overlooked- particularly, the presence of flour beetles.

The puzzled flour beetle and the crimson flour beetle glance very an identical in look. The easiest way to tell apart the 2 is by way of analyzing their antennae. The RFB’s antennae tackle a clubbed form with 3 segments on the finish, whilst the CFB’s antennae steadily magnify against the top, finishing in a four-segmented membership.

Every other distinction between the 2 beetles is that the RFB (essentially present in southern states) is a sturdy flier, whilst the CFB (essentially a northern pest) does no longer fly.

As adults, each beetles have glossy, reddish brown our bodies which are about 1/eight inch lengthy, flattened, and oval. They’ve an overly large meals vary together with flour, rice, cereals, grains, spices, grain merchandise, shelled nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, beans and different an identical fabrics.

Reasonable lifestyles span of each the puzzled and crimson flour beetle is between 1 and three.five years. They’ve 4 lifestyles cycle levels, which come with the egg, larvae, pupae and grownup. You need to notice that every one 4 levels of the lifestyles cycle could also be present in infested grain merchandise on the identical time.

When feminine beetles of both species lay their small, white eggs, they achieve this in flour or different meals subject material. The eggs, that are lined with a sticky secretion, grow to be lined with the product and simply keep on with the perimeters of sacks, packing containers, and different boxes.

Within the larvae level, each species are small, narrow, and worm-like in look. When absolutely grown, the larva is 3/16 inch lengthy and white, tinged with yellow.

As puzzled flour and crimson flour beetles grow to be right into a small pupa, they steadily exchange from white, to yellow, after which brown. In a while after turning brown in colour, they grow to be into an grownup beetle.

So now that now we have recognized the pest, the following query is:

Why is a pest that feeds on flour, rice, and different grain merchandise in my toilet as an alternative of my kitchen?

The solution to the above query could be very easy- you will have a meals supply for your toilet.

To get rid of the pest downside, you simply have to take away the meals supply. Totally check out your cupboards, drawers, and closets for rodent poisons, septic gadget remedies (powder or flake shape), hidden puppy treats, rice bag heating pads, pharmaceuticals, and so forth. It may be a irritating job, however with slightly patience, you must have the ability to find the supply of your downside.

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